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Cordyceps Sinensis extract 525 mg each pill
60 Cordyceps supplement Capsules
Physician Formulas, Inc.

Cordyceps mushroom extract is a Dietary Supplement
Improves vitality

Cordyceps extract is combined with mycelia, grown on organic brown rice form spores originally gathered in the Himalayas. This combination insures a full spectrum of important cordyceps constituents.

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Cordyceps sinensis supplement questions:
Q. Can a cordyceps supplement be taken daily for weeks and months?
   A. It's difficult to say since long term human studies with cordyceps extract are not available. It would seem prudent to take at least 2 days off a week and one week off a month from the use of a cordyceps mushroom supplement.

Q. Can one take cordyceps mushroom supplement along with reishi, ahcc, agaricus and other mushroom extracts?
   A. It is nearly impossible to predict the influence on the body of taking cordyceps extract and several mushroom extracts together. Unless the mushroom extracts you mention are used in very low amounts, it is best not to take high doses of too many of them at one time.

Q. What are cordyceps side effects?
   A. Thus far no major cordyceps side effects have been reported in medical journals. But it is possible that rare individuals may have an allergic reaction to cordyceps mushroom, just like any food or food extract.

Q. I was looking at the cordyceps sinensis extract 450 you have on the site, and there seems to be a discrepancy in the actual amount of Cordyceps sinensis Mycelia.     is it 600mg, or 300mg? 
   A. There is 600 mg of cordyceps mycelia extract and 300 mg of cordyceps mycelia per 2 tablets.

Q. Does this supplement increase sexual performance or pleasure?
    A.Some people claim it does, and some herbalists in China prescribe it for this purpose, but we find other herbal products are more potent, including mucuna pruriens, maca, catuaba, tongkat ali, and tribulus terrestris.

Cordyceps side effects
Thus far we have not come across any cordyceps side effects mentioned in the medical literature, but just as with any herb, excess amounts could have potential for unpleasant side effects. It would be a good idea to occasionally take breaks from the use of cordyceps mushroom extract supplement.

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Find out about recent natural cordyceps sinensis research. If you buy a cordyceps mushroom supplement along with reishi, shiitake or other mushroom extract products, try each one alone for a few days before combining. Studies are quite limited regarding the combination of various mushroom extract supplements.

Suggested Use: One cordyceps capsule daily in the morning or as recommended by your health care professional.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Cordyceps sinensis Mycelia
   Standardized Extract (0.18% Adenosine)
525 mg *

*Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, brown rice.