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Cacao pill powder supplement 500 mg
60 capsules
Contains catechins, epicatechin and theobromine

February 9, 2016

Get all the benefits of chocolate without the extra calories, sugar and fat.

Cacao powder contains catechins, epicatechin, and theobromine, that are excellent antioxidants. This product is a Dietary Supplement.

The cacao bean, and tasty products derived from the cacao bean such as chocolate and the beverage cacao, is popular with many people worldwide and is rich in catechins and epicatechin, and especially the polymers procyanidins, polyphenols similar to those found in certain vegetables and tea. The alkaloids, bromine and caffeine, are responsible for the stimulant effect of cacao and chocolate and contribute to the bitter cacao flavor.

More info about the cacao bean
Regular intake of cacao products increases the plasma (blood) level of antioxidants, a desirable attribute as a defense against reactive oxygen species that can damage tissues. Cacao antioxidants include catechins, epicatechin, and procyanidins. The alkaloids theobromine and caffeine are responsible for the stimulant effect of cacao and chocolate. Cacao is the raw unprocessed form closest to the cacao bean. Cocoa is the processed form of cacao.

Cacao supplement questions
Q. What time of day should one take a cacao supplement pill?
   A. Early part of the day is best, we suggest you not take a cacao supplement after early afternoon due to its stimulating properties.

Q. Is it okay to take a cacao supplement daily?
   A. People consume cacao and chocolate products on a daily basis without apparent problems, so it seems that cacao daily use should be safe. But, it still may be a good idea to take a day or two off a week.

Q. What's the maximum number of cacao powder pills a person can take daily?
   A. Each person is different but we don't see the need to take more than four capsules a day. If you notice being restless or irritable or anxious, just like having too much caffeine, then take a break from the cacao supplement and resume a couple of days later at a lower dosage.

Q. I understand cacao supplements have good antioxidants, are they more potent than resveratrol? Which is better?
   A. We feel it is better to have a wide variety of antioxidants in low dosages in one's diet rather than one or two in high amounts. Both cacao and resveratrol have excellent antioxidant activity and it is difficult to say which is better for long term health.

Q. Is this cacao supplement pill considered to be a weight loss pill?
   A. We have not tested this cacao supplement as a diet pill. For an effective appetite suppressant, see Diet Rx pill.

Caffeine content
Q. Any idea how much caffeine is in a 500 mg capsule?
   A. We have not measured the amount of caffeine in the product but it is small since the capsule is only 500 mg total of all substances present in cacao bean.

Content of antioxidants in different cocoa and chocolate products
Survey of commercially available chocolate- and cocoa-containing products in the United States. Comparison of flavan-3-ol content with nonfat cocoa solids, total polyphenols, and percent cacao.
J Agric Food Chem. 2009; Miller KB, Hurst WJ, Flannigan N, Ou B, Stuart DA. The Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition, Hershey, Pennsylvania.
A survey of a broad range of chocolate and cocoa containing products marketed in the United States was conducted to provide a more detailed analysis of flavan-3-ol monomers, oligomers, and polymers, which can be grouped into a class of compounds called procyanidins. Samples consisted of the three or four top-selling products within the following six categories: natural cocoa powder, unsweetened baking chocolate, dark chocolate, semisweet baking chips, milk chocolate, and chocolate syrup. Composite samples were characterized for percent fat, percent nonfat cocoa solids (% NFCS), antioxidant level by ORAC, total polyphenols, epicatechin, catechin, total monomers, and flavan-3-ol oligomers and polymers (procyanidins). On a gram weight basis epicatechin and catechin content of the products follow in decreasing order: cocoa powder > baking chocolate > dark chocolate = baking chips > milk chocolate > chocolate syrup. The cocoa-containing products tested range from cocoa powder with 227 mg of procyanidins per serving to 25 mg of procyanidins per serving for chocolate syrup.

Blood pressure
Effect of cocoa products on blood pressure: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Am J Hypertension. 2010; Department of Cardiology, University of Leipzig-Heart Center, Leipzig, Germany.
Cocoa products such as dark chocolate and cocoa beverages may have blood pressure (BP)-lowering properties due to their high content of plant-derived flavanols. We performed a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials assessing the blood pressure lowering effects of flavanol-rich cocoa products. Our review confirms the BP-lowering capacity of flavanol-rich cocoa products in a larger set of trials than previously reported. However, questions such as the most appropriate dose and the long-term side effect profile warrant further investigation.

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Recommendations: One or two cacao capsules daily with breakfast.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Cacao powder 500 mg *

*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: rice flour and gelatin.