• Developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian, MD. This brain supplement complex is a sophisticated cognitive formula that supports Memory, Mental clarity, Concentration and focus.
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MultiVitmultivitamin men women daily multi vitamin mineral

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Multivitamin for men and women
MultiVit  - Potent Energy-Boosting daily pill
Supplement for Men and Women
Natural vitality increasing vitamins, boosts stamina
Developed by Ray Sahelian, M.D.,
internationally known nutrition expert.

June 1, 2016

Multi Vitamin Mineral Dietary Supplement for men and women to increase natural vitality.and to boost stamina.

Energy and mood enhancing supplement. Helps reduce fatigue due to occasional overwork or stress. *

This multivitamin supplement is made from the highest quality raw materials available. Manufactured by a FDA approved and GMP certified facility.

Most multivitamin pills on the market do not have an immediate effect. Many users notice increased energy and well-being the first day of use.

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Top Eight Benefits of MultiVit multivitamin nutritional supplement:
1. This multivitamin supplement supplies the whole list of essential vitamins including A, B complex, C, D, and E in a natural form.
2. Supplies the important minerals including calcium, magnesium, chromium, potassium, selenium, zinc, manganese, and others.
3. Physical Energy support - you will feel more energized, motivated, and perhaps get more work done during the day.
4. Mental Energy support - most users will feel more mentally alert and focused with better mood. Also consider Mind Power.
5. Powerful antioxidant support with beta carotene, acetylcysteine, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, green tea extract, and flavonoids.
6. Immune support herbs and nutrients.
7. This multivitamin supplement has vision support nutrients with lutein, carotene, zeaxanthin, and citrus bioflavonoids. For a potent vision support formula, try Eyesight .
8. Extra: Highly beneficial nutrients and extracts such as green tea, octacosanol, rutin, lycopene, and others. 

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MultiVit  Multivitamin Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 4 multivitamin capsules
Servings per Bottle: 30

Amount per Serving: %DV
Vitamin A - 10,000 IU - 200%
    Beta Carotene - 7,500 IU
    Retinyl Palmitate - 2,500 IU
Vitamin C with Rose hips - 500 mg - 833%
    (ascorbic acid)
Vitamin D-3 - 400 IU - 100%
Vitamin E - 100 IU - 333%
    (natural mixed tocopherols)
Vitamin B-1 - 10 mg - 666%
    (thiamine hcl)
Vitamin B-2 - 10 mg - 588% (riboflavin)
Niacinamide 25 mg - 125%
Vitamin B-6 - 10 mg - 500% (pyridoxine hcl)
Folic acid - 400 mcg - 100%
Vitamin B12 - 50 mcg - 833%
   (as methylcobalamin)
Biotin - 300 mcg - 100%
Pantothenic acid - 40 mg - 400%
    (d-calcium pantothenate)
Calcium (citrate) - 300mg - 30%
Iodine (kelp) - 150 mcg - 100%
Magnesium (oxide) - 200 mg - 50%
Zinc - 15 mg - 100% (as zinc oxide)
Selenium (amino acid chelate) - 70 mcg - 100%
Copper (amino acid chelate) - 2 mg - 100%
Manganese (carbonate) - 2 mg - 100%
Chromium - 120 mcg - 100%
    (amino acid chelate)
Molybdenum - 75 mcg - 100%
    (amino acid chelate)
Potassium (carbonate) - 100 mg - 3%
Green Tea (leaves) - 50 mg - *
N-Aceytl-L-Cysteine - 25 mg - *
Inositol - 10 mg - *
PABA - 30 mg - *
    (para aminobenzoic acid)
Rutin - 30 mg - *
Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex - 30 mg - *
Choline (bitartrate) - 10 mg - *
Betaine (HCI) - 10 mg - *
Lycopene (from tomato) - 500 mcg - *
Lutein (from marigold extract) - 500 mcg - *
Astaxanthin - 100 mcg - *
Zeaxanthin - 100 mcg - *
Octacosanol - 100 mcg - *
Suggested Use: Take one, two, three or four multivitamin capsules a day, with breakfast, or split with breakfast and lunch. The label says that up to 4 capsules a day but we have found that two capsules a day is sufficient for most people. High doses can lead to overstimulation. Most users are very satisfied with one or two capsules a day (or even 4 or 5 times a week). A bottle can last 2 to 4 months.

* MulitVit multiviatmin supplement daily value not established

Other ingredients in this multivitamin supplement: Oregano, Cloves, Cinnamon, Alfalfa, Watercress, Parsley, Hawthorne berry, Rice Bran, Lecithin, Silica, Cholesterol free Magnesium Stearate and Stearic Acid. In a base of Inuflora.

Contains no gluten, yeast, milk derivatives, artificial colors or flavors.
This multivitamin supplement contains lecithin which comes from soy.

This multivitamin supplemet  is gluten free.

Multivitamin supplement questions
Q. Does MultiVit  contain iron? If not, why not, since it is supposed to be a multivitamin for women also.
   A. Iron acts as an oxidant (instead of antioxidant) and since most Americans consume meat and have good iron stores, it is not necessary to expose them to more iron. Those who are iron deficient due to being a vegetarian or heavy menstruation can take an iron supplement separately.

Q. What product is the best multivitamin supplement to take?
   A. There is no such thing as the best multivitamin supplement since each person on this planet has a unique diet and biochemical processes. Hence, it is impossible for any particular multivitamin product to be the best multivitamin supplement for every one.

Q. Are your multivitamin capsules small enough for a 12 year old to take?
   A. These multivitamin capsules are on the larger side, but they are easy to open by pulling on each side and the contents mixed with water or juice. Teenagers, if their doctor approves, can do fine with half a capsule a day or one capsule three times a week..

Q. Do you make a multi vitamin and mineral product that is intended specifically for thyroid sufferers?  My wife has hypothyroidism and takes hormones to correct it.  For example, she shouldn't take a multivitamin containing iodine.
   A. At this time the multivitamin supplement we have has iodine in it. Some people find one capsule every other day works well for them, in this case the amount of iodine ingested would be minimal since there is 150 mcg in 4 capsules.

I am considering ordering this product but need to know the capsule size. I have problems swallowing large capsules or tablets.
    It is size "00" which is 22.94mm x 8.13mm.
Some people pull on each side of the capsule and empty the contents in juice if they do not wish to swallow the full capsule.

Multivitamin for men and women
Q. I am considering changing to Multi-Vit. I currently take a multivitamin formulated for women. Why do you not have different multivitamins for men and women? I love your website.
    A. As far as multivitamins, there is no convincing evidence that the requirements for women and men are vastly different except in terms of iron and calcium. If some women need iron and calcium in higher amounts, they can take these supplements separately in the dosage they require. Otherwise, as far as the basic vitamins and minerals such as the B vitamins, A, C, E, magnesium, zinc, etc, there is no evidence that the dosage required in men or women is significantly different. Women would take a lesser dosage of multivitamins (fewer capsules) since their body weight is less that the body weight of men. The ideal dosage of vitamins and minerals has not yet been fully identified and it is difficult to determine ideal amounts as a group since each person has a uniquely different diet.

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Buy Multivit best multivitamin supplement today on sale. If you buy this multivitamin supplement along with Mind Power, Passion, Eyesight , or a B vitamin complex, we suggest you first learn how each one works separately before combining them. Discuss with your health care provider. Taking too many supplements can cause overstimulation and restlessness, and sometimes rapid heart beat.