• Pygeum africanum is a large evergreen tree found in central and southern Africa. The extracts from the pygeum bark contain several compounds that may be helpful in prostate health.
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Saw Palmetto extract

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Saw Palmetto Extract 400 mg supplement
60 Capsules
This saw palmetto supplement is formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.
Serenoa repens herb

May 9 2016

Saw Palmetto extract (Berry) - 400 mg*
   (Serenoa repens herb extract 25% Fatty Acids)

Note: Most of the studies with saw palmetto extract supplement have used a daily dosage of 320 mg containing about 85% to 90% fatty acids. Alternatively, one can use a daily dosage of 640 mg of saw palmetto if it is a 45% extract. Saw palmetto products that have less than 40% fatty acids (many products have less than 10%) have not been studied as well.

Saw palmetto extract, serenoa repens herb, is a Dietary Supplement available without a prescription.

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Health benefit of the plant
Saw palmetto is an herb that has been shown in clinical studies to have an important role in maintaining a healthy prostate. Saw palmetto grows naturally in the southeast United States, including Georgia, Mississippi, and particularly Florida. It is not the only herb that has an influence on the prostate gland. Several other herbs and plant compounds that are potentially useful in maintaining a healthy prostate gland including pygeum, stinging nettle, isoflavones such as genistein and daidzein, phytosterols such as beta sitosterol, and carotenoids such as lycopene. *

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Saw Palmetto Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Saw Palmetto Capsule
Servings per container: 60 

Amount Per Serving:
Saw Palmetto extract (Berry) - 400 mg*
   (25% Fatty Acids)

Suggested Use: As an herbal supplement, take 1 or 2 saw palmetto capsules per day. Take one or two days off a week.

* Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, water capsule component.

Saw Palmetto extract questions:
Q. Can I take saw palmetto extract and Prostate Power Rx the same day? 
   A. We would suggest using either one or the other on any particular day, there is no reason to take both supplements the same day although it should be safe and your doctor approves. If you wish, you could alternate saw palmetto one day and Prostate Power Rx the next day.

Q. I have seen saw palmetto products that are the regular powder, then I have also seen saw palmetto extract at 45 % and 80 to 90%. I am confused on which one to buy.
   A. Most of the studies with saw palmetto extract have used a daily dosage of 320 mg containing about 85% to 90% fatty acids. Alternatively, one can use a daily dosage of 640 mg of saw palmetto if it is a 45% extract. Saw palmetto product that have less than 40% fatty acids (many products have less than 10%) have not been studied as well. This does not mean that lower potency saw palmetto extracts are not effective. Perhaps a higher dosage of these low potency extracts is just as good as smaller amounts of higher potency saw palmetto extracts.

Q. Is saw palmetto by itself a sexual enhancer?
   A. Saw palmetto extract may have a slight benefit in some users as a sex enhancer, but there are many other herbs and herbal products that have a more potent effect such as maca, horny goat weed, tribulus, mucuna, tongkat ali, yohimbe, catuaba, and others. We carry all of these natural sex herbs.

Q. I suspect I have some prostate problems. I found your site and am interested in more info regarding saw palmetto and Prostate Power Rx. I'm a vegan. are your products vegan friendly v-caps? How would you suggest I should take the two? Should I alternate saw palmetto and Prostate Power Rx? should I keep them refrigerated? Should I take them with, before or after meals?
    A. The saw palmetto capsules are made of gelatin. Vegetarians and vegans could open the capsule by pulling on each side and emptying the contents in water or juice. It is up to you and your health care provider regarding whether to take saw palmetto alone, Prostate Power Rx, or alternating them. Most people find Prostate Power Rx has a sufficient amount of saw palmetto and other prostate friendly herbs, therefore a saw palmetto supplement may not be necessary. Either capsules can be taken in the morning before or with breakfast, and they do not need to be refrigerated.

Q. Are there any obvious side effects when combining saw palmetto extract and tongkat ali extract or coq10?
   A. First learn how each herb or supplement makes you feel by itself. Combining small dosages should be fine, but tongkat ali in high dosages has side effects. See tongkat ali for more info.

Saw palmetto hair loss
Q. Is saw palmetto a treatment for hair loss?
   A. We have not seen any studies that prove saw palmetto extract by itself reverses hair loss. See hair for more information. Some natural hormones, such as DHEA and pregnenolone, when used regularly, could cause hair thinning in some individuals.

Q. I'm interested in taking saw palmetto for hair loss, but I would also like to start a family. Do you see any reason why I could not take saw palmetto at this time? Also, how long does it take to leave the body once you've been taking it for several months?
   A. We have not seen any good evidence that saw palmetto extract is effective by itself to prevent hair loss or to help with hair growth. The effects of saw palmetto on the body are likely to dissipate within a few days of stopping its use which is true of most herbs.

Buy saw palmetto supplement on sale. If you buy saw palmetto supplement and Prostate Power Rx, we suggest not taking them together.