• Tryptophan is an essential amino acid. Tryptophan is able to convert into 5-HTP (5-hydroxy-tryptophan), and then to serotonin. Serotonin is involved in mood, appetite, sleep and behavior.
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  • Developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian, MD. This brain supplement complex is a sophisticated cognitive formula that supports Memory, Mental clarity, Concentration and focus.
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5-HTP 50mg Serotonin Increase

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5-HTP serotonin increase supplement 50 mg dosage per pill
60 Capsules
Physician Formulas, developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian, MD
, bestselling author of 5-HTP: Nature's Serotonin Solution
Source: Griffonia seed extract
Review of side effects and benefits
July 10, 2016

5-HTP serotonin increase supplement helps with:
Relaxation and stress reduction
Mood balance
Sleep and
Appetite control *

A list of side effects is listed below. These occur when users take more than 50 mg.

HPLC tested - Highest quality 5HTP raw material with no contaminants. An independent laboratory HPLC tested this raw material. The 5 HTP purity test shows 99.2 percent purity which is extremely high quality.

Pharmaceutical Quality

5-HTP is a Dietary Supplement that helps increase serotonin levels. *
You may see other names such as 5-hydroxytryptophan, or L 5HTP. These are names for the same supplement.

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Note: We don't sell 5-HTP 100 mg dosage since there is a high rate of side effects with a 100 mg pill. These high dosage 5 HTP side effects include nausea, stomach cramps, and nightmares. We suggest you buy a supplement at the lower dose of 50 mg per pill.

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Information about this product
5 HTP is a natural substance found in the body. As a supplement it is extracted from griffonia seeds, a natural plant. When you take a 5 HTP supplement the body converts it into serotonin, a crucial neurotransmitter, brain chemical, involved in several important functions in the brain and body.

Brain power, motivation, mood enhancement
For mental enhancement and more motivation, a bestselling physician-formulated product to consider is Mind Power Rx. This natural brain booster is taken during the day to enhance alertness, focus, mood, and mental clarity.

Natural sleep without prescription medication
See Good Night Rx for a natural product with a small amount of 5-HTP that helps you relax and induce sleep. Good Night Rx is formulated for those who have occasional sleepless nights or those who wish to relax in the evening after a stressful day. This natural sleeping pill often helps with sleep better than a 5-HTP supplement alone. You may also take a hops pill, or theanine, or a combination, for better sleep.

Benefits, how it can help:
Since 5 HTP converts into serotonin, the effects of a 5-HTP supplement may include a relaxed feeling, sleepiness, and healthy mood, although each person has a different reaction based on their body chemistry, time of day the pill is taken, the dosage, and the interactions with food and other supplements. A few people report 5-HTP helps with appetite suppression and willpower in avoiding excess food consumption.
   The benefits are usually noticed within hours or a day, in some cases it may take several days.

Side effects of 5-HTP supplement:
Dosages of 5-HTP above 50 mg may cause side effects such as nausea, stomach cramps, and vivid dreams including nightmares. To avoid 5-HTP side effects, use the lowest dosage that works for you. If you are sensitive, open a capsule and take less than 50 mg. The capsule can be easily opened by pulling on each side. High dosages of 5HTP supplement taken without a break for many days or weeks may curb sexual desire. Before you buy a 5 HTP supplement, discuss with your doctor if this product is appropriate for you.
   If the sexual side effects persist after you stop this serotonin enhancer, consider the temporary use of Passion Rx, with or without yohimbe, to reverse the decreased libido. Sexual side effects often occur with the use of SSRI antidepressant drugs such as citalopram Celexa, escitalopram Lexapro, fluoxetine Prozac, paroxetine Paxil, Pexeva, and sertraline Zoloft.

Q. I took 5-HTP 100 mg dosage on an empty stomach and within an hour had nausea and dizziness. Are these 5-HTP side effects?
   A. Yes. 5-HTP 100 mg is much more likely to cause side effects than 5-HTP 50 mg. This is why we don't sell the high dosage.

Long term use
As to long term concerns, we suggest you take frequent breaks and not to exceed 100 mg daily. You could take 2 days off each week and perhaps a full week off every one or two months.

In addition to 5HTP supplements
We carry several additional highly popular all natural products formulated by Dr. Sahelian, M.D. These include:
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Prostate Power Rx for a healthy prostate gland.
Passion Rx for sexual enhancement and improved libido and sexual pleasure in men and women.

Drug interactions, hormone interactions
We have not had any reports of negative interactions with the use of 5HTP in women who are taking estrogen while going through menopause or with those on progesterone as long as the dosages are low.

Interactions with prescription anti-depressants
Q. Can I take a 5-HTP supplement the same day as Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac or SSRI antidepressants? I would like to know this information before I buy a 5 HTP product. I am currently being treated for depression.
   A. Since 5-HTP converts into serotonin, there is a theoretical possibility of serotonin syndrome if high doses of 5-HTP are taken along with a depression medication such as Prozac or another SSRI. Therefore we do not recommend using Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc.the same day as a 5-HTP supplement unless your doctor approves and the dosages of the drugs and the supplement are kept low.

Source of 5-HTP supplement:
5-HTP, sold as a supplement, is extracted from the Griffonia seed. The Griffonia seeds come from an African tree grown mostly in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Only a small (3 to 7) percent of the griffonia seed is made of 5-HTP, therefore, consuming griffonia seeds is not an efficient way of getting 5 HTP.


5-HTP Dosage: Take one 5 HTP capsule in the evening on an empty stomach as needed, or as recommended by your doctor. Some people do fine taking a 5-HTP supplement during the day if they feel very tense, while others may find it sedating. The ideal time to take 5-HTP and the ideal dosage depend on your personal requirements. For some, the ideal 5-HTP dosage could be as low as 10 to 25 mg, while for others, the ideal 5-HTP dosage may be up to 200 mg a day. Daytime 5 HTP supplement use may sometimes lead to grogginess, although there is a wide variation in individual response, including feeling "balanced." Some people report better results if they open the capsule and take half or 3/4 of the contents in water or juice rather than a full capsule. 

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
   ( from Griffonia simplicifolia )
50 mg *

*Daily Value not established.

Other ingredients: Gelatin, magnesium stearate.

5-HTP supplement questions:

Withdrawal symptoms
Q. I was on 5HTP for a few years and then went off. I've noticed a big change in feeling low mood and not clear in thinking. So I found your website and just ordered some more 5HTP supplement. So you do recommend taking 1-2 days off and maybe a week off each month? Also I got the Diet Rx. Take that with the 5HTP supplement in the morning? 
   A. It is a good idea to take breaks from the use of 5HTP such as two days off a week and a week off each month. When taking Diet Rx deit pill with 5HTP pill, we suggest not more than one capsule of Diet Rx a day. The Diet Rx can be taken in the morning while the 5HTP supplement can be taken in the afternoon or early evening.

Q. Can 5-HTP and St. John's Wort be used together?
   A. This is a question to discuss with your health care provider since each person is different in their need or response to combinations of herbs and nutrients. Some people have successfully used half or one St. John'w wort capsule in the morning while taking half or one 5HTP capsule in the afternoon or evening.

Q. Is a 5-HTP supplement better taken on an empty stomach or after a meal?
   A. 5-HTP is better absorbed on an empty stomach.   

Q. Can I take Good Night Rx and a 5-HTP supplement the same evening?
   A. We suggest using one or the other, but not both together the same evening. 5-HTP use before bed can sometimes cause nightmares or very vivid dreaming. A dose less than 50 mg may work better in terms of less intense dreams and more peaceful rest.

Q. I understand Diet Rx has 5HTP as one of the ingredients. I normally take 50 mg of 5HTP daily. If I take a Diet Rx supplement, would that be too much 5-HTP?
   A. We can only provide a general answer. The amount of 5 HTP in Diet Rx is very small. Diet Rx has a high concentration of green tea extract, hoodia extract, ginger, spirulina, garcinia cambogia, and several other herbs. It may be best for the first few days to just take Diet Rx by itself. Once you have a good feel for it, then you will know whether you need to take an additional 5 HTP supplement.

Q. Can a 5-HTP supplement be taken daily for weeks and months?
   A. It depends on your condition and the advice of your doctor, but we suggest taking breaks, such as 2 days off a week and a week off each month. Your doctor may guide you differently depending on your particular medical condition.

Q. What is the right 5-HTP dosage?
   A. Some people who are sensitive to supplements find a 5-HTP dosage of 10 to 25 mg to be effective, while others feel the need, at least tempoararily, to take 5-HTP in a dosage of 50 mg three times a day. The higher the 5-HTP dosage, the more likely the side effects.

Q. Can 5-HTP and SAM-e be taken together?
   A. SAM-e is a very potent supplement and a 200 mg dose can sometimes lead to overstimulation in some people. We suggest you first learn how SAM-e and 5-HTP work by themselves before you decide to combine, and if you do so, keep the dosages to a minimum and consult with your doctor.

Q. I have purchased both Mind Power Rx and 5-HTP. Is it okay to take Mind Power Rx in the morning and 5-HTP in the afternoon or evening?
   A. Most people can tolerate this combination, but we suggest using a portion of a capsule of each first to see your reaction before considering a full capsule of each product.

Q. I understand tryptophan and 5HTP convert into serotonin, Therefore, is it okay to take tryptophan and 5-HTP together?
   A. One could take them together, but it could lead to too much of a serotonin response, therefore it may be wise initially to take a third of each capsule together to see how you respond.

Q. I am considering taking a 5HTP supplement, but am a breastfeeding mother and am wondering about the safety of this supplement for lactating women. I have not see this addressed in your Q and A section.
   A. The reason the connection between 5HTP and breastfeeding or 5HTP and pregnancy is not addressed is because we have not been able to find human research in this area, hence it is difficult to give an opinion. As a rule, unless there have been specific studies done with medicines or supplements regarding safety of use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, the most cautious approach is to abstain or to use very low dosages.

Q. Is low sex drive or low libido or impotence a 5 HTP side effect?
   A. Yes. Since 5 HTP converts into serotonin, it can dampen sexuality or sexual interest. Once you are no longer using a 5-HTP supplement, and you wish to increase your libido, consider a potent sexual enhancer called Passion Rx.

Q. i know it is not reccomended to take 5-htp with SSRI depression drugs such as Paxil because of potential serontin excess,. what about 5-htp with the antidepressant wellbutrin which does not affect serontin?
     A. We are not familiar with any human studies regarding the use of a 5 HTP supplement with other types of antidepressants, so it is difficult to say how a person with depression would handle the combination of Wellbutrin and 5HTP. The dosage and timing could make a significant difference, as well as each person's unique biochemistry. As a general rule, it is best not to take strong mood elevating supplements the same day as pharmaceutical depression medications.

Q. I have read one 5-HTP benefit is appetite suppression. Is this true?
   A. Many people who have reported to us that a 5-HTP benefit they have noticed is reduced interest in food intake. We don't have enough long term feedback whether this appetitie suppression goes on enough days or weeks to make a difference in terms of weight loss. A more consistent and effective product is Diet Rx.

Q. Is 5HTP a vitamin ?
   A. 5-HTP is classified as a nutrient, not a vitamin. It is a hydroxy form of the amino acid tryptophan.

Q. Can a 5HTP supplement be taken together with anxiety medications such as Valum or Xanax ?
   A. There can be the potential of danger with sedating supplements are combined with benzodiazepines or other anti anxiety medications. It would normally take a high dose of 5-HTP supplement to cause such a potential problem, but to be on the safe side it is best not to take them the same day.

Q. I recently discovered your website and wondered if your research staff can clarify the claims made in a recent article in "Oprah" magazine. An Australian study found that 5HTP is converted into serotonin in the stomach where it remains, causing stomach upsets and nausea. It further claims that the serotonin never makes it the brain, and is therefore, useless as a mood enchancer, or sleep helper.  Does 5HTP ever make it to the brain?
     A. Yes 5HTP, when taken as a supplement, quickly goes into brain tissue and converts into serotonin. People sometimes feel the effects of 5HTP within an hour or sooner. Some people even notice the effects of 5HTP, such as drowsiness, sleepiness, and relaxation, within 20 minutes after taking a 50 mg capsule.

Q. I placed an order for 5 HTP. However I would like to know if it comes from a natural source? The 5 HTP I have used is extracted from Griffonia simplicifolia. I am hoping that this 5-HTP product is also from the same natural source. 
   A. Yes, our 5-HTP pill is also from Griffonia simplicifolia.

Q. Can a 5 HTP capsule be opened and some of the contents taken under the tongue?
   A. Some people like taking a smaller amount of 5 HTP sublingually, especially if then have eaten recently and swallowing a 5 HTP capsule may not be effective when mixed with food in the stomach. When used under the tongue, use about half as much 5 HTP as when swallowing a pill.

Q. If I purchase a 5 htp supplement and tryptophan, is it ok to take 5htp and tryptophan together?
   A. You may purchase 5 htp supplements and tryptophan supplement together, but we suggest you take them on different days untill you know quite well how each product works for you separately.

Buy 5 HTP supplement discount on sale today at 50 mg rather than 100 mg in order to reduce side effects. If you purchase a 5-HTP supplement, we suggest not taking it the same day as Diet Rx, but to alternate their use.

Q. How many 5HTP caps a day is the most anyone can take?
   A. Although some people may tolerate up to 6 5-HTP caps a day totaling 300 mg, most people will get adverse effects taking more than 2 caps a day.

Q. I have had some good success with many of your products and I like the way you educate the public about supplements. I have always had issues with stress and tension and find 5-HTP to help. I was curious as to why you add Vitamin C and E in your 5-HTP product as I
have not seen that in other 5-HTP supplements.
    A. We add a small amount of antioxidants to 5-HTP supplements since we are not sure whether the conversion of 5 HTP to serotonin causes any oxidation in the brain. The antioxidants are probably not needed in a 5 HTP pill, but since they are cheap and safe, we decided to include them.

Q. I?d like to suggest that on your webpage that you discuss the role of 5-HTP pills as a treatment for depression, anxiety, weight loss, insomnia, and fibromyalgia. I have researched 5-HTP and am going to give it a try for my fibromyalgia. Everything I?ve read on the subject says that users take 100mg three times a day. The 5-HTP page on your website says that a 100 mg dose has a high incidence of nausea, but as I?ve indicated, nothing I?ve read says fibromyalgia patients have relief of symptoms with anything less than the 100 mg three times a day. I know you are limited in what you can say due to FDA regulations, but can you give me ANY info at all on your company?s take on 5-HTP when used for conditions such as mood disorders, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia pain, how you suggest it be used, and in combination with what other supplements?
    A. The FDA does not allow sellers of natural supplement products to make any claims of disease prevention, cure or treatment. As a general rule, we suggest using lower dosages in order to prevent potential side effects such as nausea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. The effects of some supplements can accumulate over time, so that even if a lower dosage at first may not be helpful, the effects do eventually become apparent. Some people need high dosages to notice a benefit, whereas others do well with lower amounts.

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Q. I have been taking 5 htp in 50 mg doses once per day with good results. I am wanting to purchase Diet Rx and possibly Good Night Rx, but need to know how much 5 htp is contained in those formulas. I understand you prefer not to disclose exact ingredient amounts of some of your formulas. However, I feel it is important to know just the amount of 5 HTP in each product so I can regulate what I am taking. I appreciate all the information provided on your website. It has been very helpful in determining what products may help me and recommended dosages.
   A. The two products are proprietary formulas and we do not list the exact amounts of each ingredient in order to prevent our competitors from copying the formulas. We suggest trying each product by itself rather than taking them the same day as 5HTP. We understand some people may not wish to purchase certain formulas if they do not know the exact amount of each ingredient, but that is a risk we are willing to take in order to prevent the formulas being copied by other companies.

Q. I am taking a multivitamin that contains vit c 250 mg, vit e 200 mg, and vit a 5,000 mg. I read on your website that your 5htp has some of these in them. I was wondering if it would be too much to take this formula since it has vitamin c and e in it?
   A. The amount of the vitamins in this product is very small compared to the daily amounts you are already ingesting in the multivitamin product.

Note: This 5 HTP supplement page is updated regularly. If you buy 5HTP supplement along with Mind Power Rx, SAM-e pill or St. John's wort pill, try each one alone for a week or two so you have an idea how each supplement influences your mood by itself. If you wish to combine 5HTP, SAM-e and St. John's wort or Mind Power Rx, consult with your health care provider and use low dosages. Exercise, deep sleep are crucial as mood enhancers. Yoga is very helpful as well.