• Isoflavones such as Genistein and Daidzein are important nutraceutical molecules found in soybean seeds. Isoflavones have a wide variety of beneficial pharmacological effects in animal cells.
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Beta Sitosterol

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Beta-Sitosterol 400 mg, a campesterol, stigmasterol phytosterol complex
90 Capsules
Formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.

February 8, 2016

Beta sitosterol is a phytosterol and a Dietary Supplement. This phytosterol product contains several common phytosterols, including beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol. 

Phytosterols are natural components of many vegetables and grains. The three main phytosterols in this phytosterol complex are beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol. They are derived entirely from plant sources.

Beta-sitosterol is widely distributed in the plant kingdom and found in vegetable oil, nuts, and avocados.

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Beta Sitosterol information:
Beta sitosterol is a plant-derived sterol. Plant sterols or phytosterols are common components of plant foods, especially plant oils, seeds and nuts, cereals and legumes. The most common phytosterols are beta sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol. Beta sitosterol is found in high amounts in nuts and amaranth.

Beta Sitosterol side effects
At this time little research is available with the use of a beta sitosterol supplement to give us a full understanding of the potential short term and long term beta sitosterol side effects. For the time being you may wish to take a week off each month, or two days off each week.

Beta sitosterol supplement dosage:
Q. What is the right dosage of beta sitosterol supplement?
   A. Since long term human studies are not available regarding beta sitosterol supplement use, for the time being it is a good idea to take a day or two off each week from the use of a beta sitosterol supplement. Also, check to see if any prostate formula or other products you are taking contain beta sitosterol.

Combinations, interactions
Q. Can a beta sitosterol supplement and saw palmetto herb be taken together? I am hoping the combination of beta sitosterol and saw palmetto can help with prostate health.
   A. They can, but it would be best not to take large amounts of each for prolonged periods without breaks. It is also a good idea to first learn how each supplement works for you by itself before combining.

Q. I plan to take a beta sitosterol supplement for a long time and was wondering whether it is a good idea to take a break from using this product.
   A. As with most supplements that have not had long term human studies, we suggest taking a day or two off a week from the use of a beta sitosterol supplement, and it would be a good idea to take a full week off every other month.

Q. I heard on the radio that beta sitosterol is good for prostate health. Which is better, saw palmetto or beta sitosterol?
   A. There have been many more studies done with saw palmetto compared to beta sitosterol. We prefer combination formulas such as Prostate Power Rx that have several herbs and nutrients that work together.

Plasma levels of plant sterols and the risk of coronary artery disease: the prospective EPIC-Norfolk Population Study.
J Lipid Res. 2007; Department of Vascular Medicine, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Some studies have suggested that a modest increase of plant sterol levels is a risk factor for coronary artery disease (CAD). We studied the relationship between plant sterol levels and CAD risk in a prospective nested case-control study consisting of 373 cases and 758 controls. Sitosterol and campesterol concentrations did not differ between cases and controls. Plant sterol concentrations correlated positively with cholesterol levels and inversely with body mass index and triglyceride and lathosterol concentrations. In this large prospective study, higher levels of plant sterols, at least in the physiological range, do not appear to be adversely related to CAD in apparently healthy individuals.

Review new beta sitosterol information as it becomes available. If you buy a beta sitosterol supplement along with Prostate Power Rx, we suggest you take the beta sitosterol pill only three days a week.

Suggested Use: One capsule phytosterol complex with beta sitosterol a few times a week, taken in the morning.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Phytosterol Complex
400 mg
Beta-Sitosterol 160 mg
Campesterol 110 mg
Stigmasterol 80 mg

*Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, water.

This beta sitosterol product is derived from soy.