• Developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian, MD. This brain supplement complex is a sophisticated cognitive formula that supports Memory, Mental clarity, Concentration and focus.
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Mucuna-Pruriens extract l-dopa natural dopamine increase

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Mucuna Pruriens extract supplement - 200 mg each pill
15% L- DOPA - l dopa converts to natural dopamine
60 Vegetarian Capsules
Formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.

June 1 2016

Mucuna Pruriens extract is a Dietary Supplement that has l-dopa and is used for its natural dopamine increase potential.

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HPLC tested: We searched several ingredient suppliers before we found a high quality material that tested accurately and had the right L-Dopa content of 15%. The HPLC testing itself cost more than 1,000 dollars. You are guaranteed to have exactly what it says on the bottle. This product was manufactured by Marlyn Neutraceuticals in Arizona, one the most reliable manufacturers in the world.

Note: Please keep in mind that there are many substances in mucuna pruriens herb, besides L dopa, that have a clinical effect on the body and mind. The increase of dopamine is only one of many ways this herb influences the body and mind. * The increase in dopamine may enhance libido and sexual pleasure. *

Mucuna pruriens has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. This herb, commonly known as velvet bean, contains many beneficial substances, including L-dopa which is used to make the neurotransmitter dopamine.*

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Supplement Facts:
Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60 pills

Amount Per Serving:
Mucuna 200 mg *
  (Mucuna pruriens 15% L-Dopa) (seed) 
   Contains 30 mg L Dopa per pill

Directions: Take one or two mucuna pruriens capsule in the morning a few times a week or as directed by your health care provider.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Other Ingredients: microcystalline cellulose, hydroxypropl methylcellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, water.
* Daily value not established

Nutritional analysis reveals mucuna pruriens seed contains crude protein ranged from 20-29 %, crude lipid 6-7%, total dietary fibre 8-10%, ash 3% and carbohydrates 50-60%.

Mucuna Pruriens side effects
High doses of mucuna pruriens have side effects that include a feeling of being stimulated too much, increased body temperature, and restlessness. Another mucuna pruriens side effect on very high dosages is insomnia.

MP, one of the popular Ayurvedic herbs, is also known as velvet bean or cowhage. Mucuna has been used for generations in India. L-dopa converts into dopamine, an important brain chemical involved in mood, sexuality, and movement. This herb has antioxidant properties.

Q. This question is in regards to the mucuna supplement. I have seen several forum posts online regarding the testosterone-increasing effects of mucuna supplement, as a result of the supposed human growth hormones it contains. Even as a 24 yr old male, I have no interest in gaining big bulky muscle mass and am mainly interested in mucuna plant for the dopamine enhancing effects. Some of the reports I read even stated a discontinuation of use due to overwhelming muscle gain. Could you possibly tell me whether or not mucuna supplement has any significant effects on testosterone production and human growth hormones (HGH)? I understand some mucuna pruriens products have different extraction forms, etc. and thus will vary from one to the other, so it is possible your mucuna supplement might be different from other brands. Also, I see that the mucuna L-dopa content is 15% whereas other manufacturers are listed as between 30% and 60%. Might this amount still be effective for producing the supposed dopamine increasing effects?
   A. There are many substances in mucuna pruriens herb, besides L Dopa, that have a clinical effect. The enhancement of dopamine is only one of many ways mucuna pruriens herb influences the body and mind. Not enough human trials have been done with mucuna pruriens supplements to determine its influence on human growth hormone and testosterone levels. There are quite a number of different mucuna supplements on the market with varying levels of l dopa percentages and other constituents within the herb. The only way to tell if a mucuna supplement will work for your needs is to try each different product since you may get different results from each one. Higher l dopa concentrations may not necessarily be a better option since some of the other constituents of the herb may be removed while concentrating the extract for a higher l dopa potency.

Q. Is it okay to take mucuna pruriens extract pills the same day as Passion Rx pill for sexual enhancement?
   A. Both pills are potent and we suggest not using them the same day.

Q. I am ordering the mucuna pruriens 15% l-dopa supplement. When you take synthetic l-dopa you have to reduce protein intake or you don't get the same symptom relief for Parkinson's. My healthcare providers don't know enough about mucuna pruriens herb to answer the question, does one need to reduce protein intake with the mucuna pruriens herb, or does it not matter because this it is a natural product?
   A. To the best of our knowledge, the benefits of mucuna herb do not seem to rely on protein intake. It is best to take the mucuna herb about half an hour or so before breakfast on an empty stomach for best absorption. If needed another capsule can be taken before lunch.

Q. Why is it that your product mucuna pruriens extract l-dopa has less less L-dopa percentage than other mucuna pruriens products that I have seen. Your L-dopa is !5% where as I am seeing 40% by some other companies.
   A. Historically mucuna pruriens was used by Ayurvedic doctors in a non-concentrated form, only as a powder which has a small percentage of l dopa, Over the past few years scientists have been able to concentrate the amount of l dopa in mucuna pruriens and there are now a variety of mucuna pruriens products on the market with different l dopa amounts. There are a number of compounds within mucuna herb that are active and have a physiologic effect besides l dopa. Sometimes making l dopa too concentrated in a mucuna product may be at the expense of the other compounds. There has been very few studies in humans with mucuna supplements and it is not clear which l dopa concentration is the best to use. We feel 15 percent is a reasonable concentration. The best way to tell is to try different mucuna products to see which one works best for you.

I am placing an order for the Mucuna Pruriens extract supplement 200 mg.  I would also like to order the Eyesight Rx vision formula to help improve my vision.  Is there any danger in taking these two products at the same time?  Are there any restrictions or precautions I should be aware of?
    It is best to first learn for a week or so how each one of these products works for you by itself. When combining, lower dosages are advised and medical approval is suggested.

I have received two containers of Mucuna 60 capsules / 200mg.  Can you tell me how many capsules would equate to one tablet of Sinemet 100/25mg?
    No such comparison is possible since the chemical composition of the herb is completely different than that of the prescription medication Sinemet.

At my last visit with my physician, he recommended that I try velvet bean. He had read an article about it and he thought it would help me. I am 67 and I teach college online. As you know, just like the other parts of our body, our brain ages. It takes me more than twice as long to teach a class now than it did just a few years ago.  I took his advice and ordered your product. Honestly, I think I have only been taking it for about a week but I feel a huge difference - not 'feel' like physical but 'feel' like my concentration level has dramatically improved.  Today I ordered two more bottles (don't want to run out - and want to share one bottle with my physician - he is 55). I simply wanted to write to thank you. I will be a customer for as long as I teach - probably longer than that. Even when I stop teaching, I still want to think!

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Q.Last year I imported a small quantity of your Mucuna Pruriens Extract and I plan to place another order. I am confused about how much Leva Dopa is in each capsule.  Can you please advise how many capsules are needed to be equivalent to a 100 mg dose of Madopar or Sinemet as I would like to use your product with the aim of phasing out the pharmaceutical medication products. Do you have an Australian distributor for your products?
   A. We do not have an Australian distributor at this time. This herb and its L Dopa content cannot be compared to pharmaceutical medications such as Sinemet and Madopar since, in addition to L Dopa, the herb contains dozens of other substances that have an influence on its actions and benefits.The only way to know for sure how much to take and whether it is of benefit is to try it at various dosages with medical doctor approval. Since it has 15 percent L Dopa, and the capsule has 200 mg, it has a total of 30 mg of L Dopa.

If you buy a mucuna supplement along with Passion Rx sexual enhancement formula or other potent herbs that have an aphrodisiac effect, we suggest you not take them the same day.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.