• LJ100 extract. A number of studies (particularly in rodents) have shown tongkat ali to have libido-boosting properties. Herbal Powers LJ100 is a potent extract.
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Tongkat Ali supplement root powder
200 mg in each capsule, full spectrum, the right dose
60 capsules per bottle

April 20, 2016
Eurycoma Longifolia Jack root herb

Does this supplement boost testosterone?

Developed by Ray Sahelian, M.D., a trusted source of information on aphrodisiac herbs and bestselling author of Natural Sex Boosters book

Purity and potency guaranteed.

With age our sexual interest and drive diminish. Enhance your sexual pleasure and performance with a FREE Passion Rx Sample product. 

Tongkat ali root powder (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack root) is a Dietary Supplement sometimes abbreviated as longjack. There is misinformation on the internet regarding the proper dosage of this supplement. We rely on one of the world's top expert on this topic, Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D. to guide us and provide us with a high quality product that works with the fewest side effects.

Highest quality Tongkat Ali root powder wild crafted directly from Malaysia. The Eurycoma Longifolia Jack roots are aged at least 7 years to concentrate the active ingredients which makes the raw material in this product quite potent. Manufactured by a GMP certified facility.

If you would like a very popular and effective, natural herbal sexual enhancement product with Tongkat Ali extract, consider Passion Rx with Yohimbe. This herbal aphrodisiac formula is developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.

We also carry a concentrated Tongkat ali extract called LJ100. Some people prefer the regular tongkat ali powder while others prefer the concentrated extract. It is not possible to predict which one will work better in any one individual. Both the powder and extract work quite well. Additional excellent sexual enhancers that we sell on line include avena sativa, maca, horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris, catuaba, muira puama, mucuna pruriens, and several others. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find one, or a combination, that works for you.

Honest review, benefit of powder versus extract
You will find a number of opinions regarding tongkat ali supplement on the internet. Some websites claim that 1000 mg of the root powder is needed for sexual benefits, or they carry a 200 to 1 extract. The high dosages that some websites recommend could be dangerous and cause serious side effects and very unpleasant reactions including high body temperature and insomnia. See
tongkat ali for reliable information regarding a trusted source on the benefits and side effects of this potent herb. Not all of the information on this topic posted on certain websites is accurate. Some promoters claim their product is a 20 to 1, 50 to 1, or a 200 to 1 extract but they may be misleading the public and the product may actually be only a regular powder, a weak extract or may not even be of good quality, or even worse, mixed with hormones and prescription medications. There are no accepted scientific standards that determine what a 100 to 1 extract, or 200 to 1 extract should contain.
   Note: Be wary of purchasing a supplement online if the company does not have an actual physical building in the United States or a phone number where you can reach a person to talk to. Be cautious purchasing products from overseas since you never know what the product is contaminated with, or perhaps laced with an unsafe drug or hormone.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 60 pills per bottle

Amount Per Serving:
Tongkat Ali powder 200 mg each pill *
   (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack root)
    The highest quality available on the market from the most reliable raw material supplier.

Suggested Use: Important: As a dietary supplement take one capsule in the morning  as soon as you get up. Once it starts working, many people find taking tongkat ali every other day works well with fewer side effects. Results may vary depending on age and metabolism.
   Only when you find one capsule every other day is too little for you, then you can proceed to taking it more often. You could also empty the contents in a tiny amount of wine or alcohol, just enough to mix the contents, and then swallow. This sometimes helps with absorption.

Tongkat ali side effects, adverse reactions
On high doses tongkat ali can cause several side effects including irritability, restlessness, increased body temperature and insomnia or early morning awakening. Very high doses can lead to heart pounding and sweating. You may find that you are impatient and on edge if you take too much. Always start with no more than one capsule. If you have heart disease or taking heart medications discuss with your doctor who may advise using half a capsule or perhaps may suggest you not take this product if your condition is not stable.

* Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsules). No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Other ingredients: magnesium stearate, gelatin, rice flour.

High quality products
We have several effective all natural products formulated by a medical doctor and researcher, Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D. These include MultiVit Rx for more energy and vitality,, noticed the first day of use; Mind Power Rx for better mood, focus, and concentration; Eyesight Rx for better day and night vision, often within one or two day; Prostate Power Rx for a healthy prostate gland and mild sexual enhancer. This prostate formula can be alternated with Passion Rx or other sexual herbs.

Learning about extracts
You can find tongkat ali promoted as 4:1, 5:1, 10 to 1, 20:1, 50:1, 100:1 and 200:1 extract concentrations. These can be misleading since there are no accepted scientific standards as to what a particular concentration of the herb has to be before it is called a 4:1 or a 50 to 1 extract. Thus various promoters claim their product is a 20 to 1, 50 to 1, 100 to 1 or 200 to 1 extract. These claims are not helpful. What are they basing their high potency claim on? There are quite a number of different chemicals and substances within the tongkat ali root. There are no standards that say a 40% glycosaponin content constitutes a particular extract concentration. Therefore there is no such thing as a 50 to 1, 100 to 1, or 200 to 1 extract and any company who claims they are selling a product that is 200 times as potent as the regular powder is misleading the consumer. The only way to find out what is in their product is to do a chemical analysis known as an HPLC test to determine the various ratios and contents of glycosaponins, eurypeptides, quassinoids, and the other active ingredients within the plant.

More information
The active ingredients of Tongkat Ali are found primarily in the root. Our raw material supplier uses only Malaysian grown, harvest crafted tongkat ali tree root aged seven years or more. Studies have shown mixed results regarding its influence on testosterone, but it appears, at least in the short term, that it may have a brief testosterone boosting effect. We are currently evaluating new studies on this topic to have a better understanding.

Indonesian or Malaysian, no difference
There are some websites that incorrectly state that tongkat ali from one country is preferable to that from another country. We have spoken to experts from the region who deny this claim. Malaysian tongkat ali is just as good as Indonesian tongkat ali.

Root powder versus extract
There are some websites that claim only the extract works. This is a false claim. For centuries, before the extraction process become available, people in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand had been using the plain tongkat ali root powder as a potent aphrodisiac. The plain root powder is quite popular in these countries today.
   Therefore if you read on any webiste that only the extract works, consider the rest of the information on that page unreliable. It is not possible to know which form will work for you best without trying both separately for at least a week. Take a break for at least four days before switching to the other form.

Influence on testosterone, study
Results of studies have provided inconsistent answers:
Andrologia. January 6 2014. Phytoandrogenic properties of Eurycoma longifolia as natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. The testosterone deficiency syndrome is characterised by numerous symptoms, including low libido, increased fat mass, fatigue, erectile dysfunction or osteoporosis, and up to 80% of men will experience some kind of ageing males' symptoms. This is caused by the age-depending decline in serum testosterone levels with concentrations being about 40-50% lower in men older than 60 years compared with young men. Tongkat Ali has been shown to restore serum testosterone levels, thus improving sexual health. *

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012. Effects of Eurycoma longifolia on Testosterone Level and Bone Structure in an Aged Orchidectomised Rat Model. Testosterone replacement was able to raise the testosterone level and restore the bone volume of orchidectomised rats. Tongkat ali supplementation failed to emulate both these testosterone actions.

Q. Which is better to take, an extract such as LJ100 or tongkat ali root powder?
   A. Each person has a unique preference and it is not possible to predict an individual's preference without trying each one separately. 

Q. Can tongkat ali be taken with other herbs or with Passion Rx?
   A. Not the same day. We prefer you take them on alternate days. Just realize that the effects can last several days after using tongkat ali. You could risk excessive stimulation, increased body temperature and rapid heart beat if you taken tongkat ali with other herbs that have a stimulating nature.

Q. How soon would I notice the effects from tongkat ali?
   A. Some people may notice the effects by the first or second day or after a few days. It depends how attuned you are to your body and how sensitive you are to changes induced by natural supplements and how high a dose you are taking.

Q. Can I take tongkat ali with an SSRI depression medication such as Paxil, Prozac or Zoloft?
   A. Since this herb is potent, it is best not to take it the same day as an SSRI or other medicines that influence brain neurochemistry unless your doctor says it is okay to take low doses. We don't suggest people with unstable medical conditions or unstable heart problems take tongkat ali.

Q. Can I not take it as needed, like an impotence drug an hour before activity.
   A. Herbs are not like drugs, they take a few days before working at their best. We suggest not
 taking Viagra, Levtra or Cialis the same day as tongkat ali. Viagra and the erectile dysfunction medications can be taken on a day when you are not taking tongkat ali and it is better to use a smaller dose of Viagra than you normally do. Tongkat ali and many other herbs have a delayed effect into the second and third day after taking a capsule.

Q. How fast acting is the tongkat ali herb after consumption? Can a consumption of 2 or 3 capsules 30 minutes before a sexual encounter do any good?
   A. Tongkat ali can work within a few hours if a high dose is taken but then the side effects are quite unpleasant including a feeling of feeling very stimulated and anxious. It is preferable to take it in a lower dose and expect the benefits the second or third day. We prefer a combination product that has tongkat ali with several other herbs in order to take advantage of tongkat ali benefits while minimizing its side effects, and also getting the benefits from other herbs. Passion Rx, especially the one with yohimbe, is a great combination of tongkat ali with other herbs. Some people prefer plain tongkat ali powder, others like LJ100, it's difficult to say which is better.

Q. I understand that tongkat ali actually works with the male body to cause the body to produce more testosterone naturally. Is this true? Taken as you suggest on your web page, will it have this effect on older men in good health? It seems that natural production from your own body would be superior to the testosterone injections or gel being offered to be by my doctor.
   A. Not enough human studies have been done to determine exactly how tongkat ali works in the body to improve sexuality. It could be through testosterone production or release, or it could be through other mechanisms. This herb is very potent and older people would do best at first taking less than the recommended dosage. Tongkat ali has side effects including increased body temperature and heart rate.

Q. I am concerned about products containing Tongkat Ali might contain high levels of lead since some products from Malaysia have been detected with high concentrations of lead. How can I feel more secure about the quality?
   A. There is no lead or other heavy metals in this tongkat ali product.

Q. What is the ratio on the tongkat ali 200 mg compared to the LJ100?
   A. The tongkat ali 200 mg is not an extract, but it is a potent, non-concentrated powder, LJ100 is much more concentrated than the tongkat ali 200 mg, but not necessarily 100 times stronger and the chemical composition of LJ100 has similarities but also some differences to the regular tongkat ali powder. Some people prefer LJ100, others prefer the regular tongkat ali powder. It's difficult to predict which one a person will like unless they try them.

Q. Is it okay to take Tribulus Terresrtis and Tongkat Ali at the same time but on alternate days?  I understand it is not advisable to take them on the same day. I am looking to boost my testosterone levels. Will Passion Rx do the same as if I take Tribulus-T and Tongkat ali, just as good or better? Answer what you can. I don't want you to violate any FDA regulations.
   A. Firstly, one has to determine the purpose of raising testosterone levels. It may not always be beneficial to raise testosterone levels. There may be other ways to improve symptoms of a condition without relying on testosterone manipulation. Secondly, not enough long term human research has been done to know whether tongkat ali or tribulus terrestris raise testosterone levels when taken as supplements at the dosages normally consumed for sexual enhancement. We have not had any blood work done on enough people to test testosterone levels when Passion Rx is used. Normally Passion Rx is taken only 2 or 3 days a week, anyway. Tribulus and Tongkat ali should not be taken daily on a long term basis.

Q. Can you explain about Tongkat Ali extract imported from Malaysia? is it a protected plant in that country?
   A. There is a great deal of misleading information on the internet regarding this herb. We asked an expert on this topic who is involved in researching and purchasing this herb. She said: "Tongkat Ali is not a protected plant in Malaysia. We work with the Malaysian government to help promote Malaysia herbal botanicals to the world, and Tongkat Ali is definitely the government's top priority. 
It grows wild in the rainforest that is uncontaminated from any pollution, pesticides, or even heavy metal. We do not get any that grow in the plantation that may be contaminated by other uses. Lead content is under 0.6ppm that is in compliance with CA prop 65."

Q. I just ordered tonkgat ali herb along with ginseng and yohimbe. Must they be refrigerated after opening?
  A. There is no need to refrigerate.

Buy tongkat ali supplement product on sale. If you buy it along with Passion Rx or with other sexual enhancement herbs, learn how each one works by itself before combining.

*These statements regarding the sexual enhancing benefits of tongkat ali supplement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This herb is sometimes misspelled as tonkgat ali

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container: 60 pills per bottle

Amount Per Serving:
Tongkat Ali powder 200 mg each pill *
   (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack root whole spectrum powder)
    The highest quality available on the market from the most reliable raw material supplier.

* Daily value not established.